Solaroo Energy Joins USREA

The US Renewable Energy Association is proud to acknowledge our newest member, Solaroo Energy. Solaroo Energy is a solar energy equipment supplier based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and [...]

CrowdFunding For Renewables

The challenge of Idea Finance is often compounded by lack of business resources and organization for new projects to get off the ground. With the affiliation of USREA, we are now the dedicated choice for renewable energy project crowd-funding.

Partnering with NETL for CSP

“Concentrating Solar Power: Efficiently Leveraging Equilibrium Mechanisms for Engineering New Thermochemical Storage”

A 1,000,000 Scholarship?

AWARD Competition entry deadline extended to December 20, 1010. Contribute to the expansion of the US Renewable Energy Association, LLC and you or your class may be awarded a [...]

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