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  • Solar Installation

How do solar panels work?

What are solar panels? Put simply, solar panels are a collection of solar cells made up of smaller photovoltaic (PV) cells. Each PV cell is approximately six inches long by six inches wide, squarish and looks like [...]

A Degree Of Pedal Power

It seemed simple. Design a custom human powered Slot Car Track for Degree Anti-Perspirant Motionsense® and Slot Mods Raceways. But pedaling a series of bicycles with generators became an urgent and taxing challenge. It wasn't just [...]

  • ICES

The USREA-Mexican Connection

USREA continues to expand its mission of "Change Your Energy... Change The World" with the addition of new partners from Canada and Mexico. The Sueco Mexican Institute in Torreón and ICES  are the most recent [...]

USREA logo

We aspire to be the definitive organization in support of renewable energy in the USA.

Established in 2008, the United States Renewable Energy Association (USREA) is a membership-based association that promotes sustainable energy, alternative energy, energy efficiency, and clean renewable technologies.

Our association members include people that believe in renewable energy, businesses and schools in the renewable industry, customers and most importantly You!

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When you become a USREA Member, you partner with us to expand renewable energy throughout America and you help affect policies that cause renewable energy to prosper. Your membership helps us to promote and grow the renewable energy economy.

As an Individual, Business, or corporate member you are eligible to receive many benefits and incentives. USREA Business members get important credibility, industry recognition, and visibility within the USREA Membership Directory.

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Your Membership in USREA connects you to the Companies, Events, Advertising, News and Policies that affect the R.E. Industry.

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Notice: The U.S. Renewable Energy Association, LLC does not sell customer information, does not Robocall, Spam, or otherwise harass customers or potential customers. We do not sell Solar PV Systems, Wind Systems, or other Renewable Energy Systems. We are a Renewable Energy Membership Association, with a mission to promote the clean-tech industry by and through our members. If you receive harassing contact from someone claiming to be from USREA to sell you a system of some sort, they are not from our organization and are imposters.  Please disregard and report them. Thank you!