100% renewables by 2050? It’s possible

100 percent renewables by 2050 - It is possible by Utility Dive March 19 2014

A new study says a 100% renewables-powered grid could happen by 2050, but significant challenges remain.  Is it possible to get all of our energy from renewable resources by 2050? A new report by the Solutions Project says the answer is yes.  Before we look at the report, let’s back up a little. In 2000, renewables, including hydroelectric resources, accounted for 9% of the power supply, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The renewable share of overall power supply jumped to 12% by 2012, and the EIA expects renewables to make up 16% of the power mix in 2040.  EIA estimates that the power supply in 2040 will include 35% natural gas-fired generation, 32% coal (down from 52% in 2000), and 16% nuclear. . . .