A river runs through it, and power comes out

I saw a couple of announcements recently showing that attempts to capture the energy in river flow are alive and well, though I still have doubts about the overall contribution such technologies can make to the clean energy space. Sustainable Development Technology Canada recently awarded a $2.8 million grant to Renewable Energy Research, a subsidiary of Quebec-based RSW that is leading a project to demonstrate modular river turbines in the St. Lawrence River. The Quebec government has also awarded $2.7 million, bringing the total funding to $5.5 million.

There isn’t much information out there about RSW’s TREK river turbine technology. I’ve attempted to get more information from the company but they haven’t been responsive. RSW is an engineering company and, from what I understand, this technology and project are a side venture for them. According to SDTC, “RER and its partners will demonstrate the TREK technology, a modular, covered, self-anchoring and highly robust river turbine. Read More