Are Electric Vehicles the Wave of the Future?

Tesla Electric Car Oct 20 2013

Richard Engdahl sits down with The Motley Fool’s senior auto analyst John Rosevear to discuss the auto industry. Today he offers an in-depth look at Tesla  (NASDAQ: TSLA  )  and the electric vehicle market, as well as Chrysler’s unique situation with Fiat  (NASDAQOTH: FIATY  ) .

Are electric vehicles here to stay? In this video segment, John points out that while personal vehicles will certainly use less gasoline in years to come, it’s too soon to say whether electric cars will be the final answer.

Richard Engdahl: Do you think that the future for electric vehicles is inevitable at this point?

John Rosevear: No. I think that cars that don’t use as much gas are inevitable. Whether that’s no gas, or whether that’s because they’re burning hydrogen in fuel cells, or whether it’s because they’re just ever-improving hybrids, I don’t think a move to pure electric vehicles is inevitable.

I think it’s one of several paths, and I think it could be a decade or two or three before we know what “the path” is going to be for personal mobility. As Ford  (NYSE: F  ) talks about it, personal mobility is really the challenge.

It’s not necessarily even cars. As you get away from a steel car that you drive with a V8 gas-powered engine, and more toward things that may be autonomous… you get in the car and you say, “Take me to grandma’s house,” and you mix yourself a drink and you sit back while the car does the driving.. . .