Businesses Go Green, See Green

Many business are trying to follow greener business practices. Green practices, when carried out in an effective manner, can cut material, electrical, and construction costs in addition to the obvious benefits associated with environmental impact. Often, the general public believes only large scale industries can participate in green business development. A local metro-Detroit photographer, however, demonstrates an effective way to run a small business through simple sustainable strategies. At first glance, Laur Nash runs her photographic business, Laur Nash Photography, similar to many other small photographic businesses. She schedules appointments with families, graduating seniors, brides, and aspiring models. She runs seasonal and holiday specials and works with local hair stylists, clothing designers, and make up artists. The end results are always astonishing works of art comparable to, and oftentimes better, than commonly seen magazine photos. Aside from her talent level, her simple green practices set her apart from many other photographers.

First, Nash utilizes internet advertising. Electronic advertising allows her to reach many demographics while omitting paper waste. She advertises on common sites like Facebook, ModelMahem, and even Craigslist. Her paper advertising is limited to business cards that are passed from person to person and contain samples of her work and contact information. The paper business cards represent a valuable advertising tool, as well. Her clients pass these on to other individuals, who then contact her. 

Additional paper waste is omitted through her photo reproduction techniques. Rather than make physical prints of the photos, Laur creates digital releases of her work. This allows clients to choose the photographs they like and make only necessary prints. Many times, photographers reproduce their work in a paper format that merely causes excess waste. By providing her clients with the actual digital copy, the client is able to reproduce however many copies of only the desired photos. Printing, therefore, is completed at the cost of the client.

The most influential green practice of her business resides in her studio. Most of Nash’s work is set in natural landscaping. This allows her to use natural lighting, thus reducing energy consumption and creating the most natural color rendering. By using the existing outdoors as a backdrop, there is no construction waste as would exist with a built environment. She actually has many more settings with this practice, thus allowing for a more versatile business. The appeal resides with in the changing seasons, variations in weather, and true interaction of the client with the setting.

Many small business owners believe that costs associated with sustainable business practices exceed their budget. Owners are often disillusioned by commercial industries who utilize sustainable design merely on large scale building envelope practices. Nash, however, exemplifies how even the smallest businesses can effectively and cost efficiently use sustainable ideas through every day business practices. By keeping practices simple, Nash is able to not only run her own business, but minimize environmental degradation.

For further information and to view her portfolio, please visit Laur Nash Photography’s website.

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