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Wisconsin Wind Generator

Wind is The Future of Renewable Energy

According to many experts, wind energy is best suited to powering our future.

The journal Energy & Environmental Science released a study earlier this year ranking 11 alternative energy sources for their potential to generate energy, and on their impact on land, wildlife, human health, global warming and energy security. Wind energy lead the competition, reducing carbon emissions and other air pollution by more than 99 percent compared to fossil fuels, though some sources come with their share of negative effects.

The rankings:

  1. Wind energy
  2. Concentrated solar power
  3. Geothermal
  4. Tidal
  5. Solar photovoltaics
  6. Wave energy
  7. Hydroelectric
  8. Coal with carbon capture and storage
  9. Nuclear
  10. Corn ethanol
  11. Cellulosic ethanol

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