Green Charge Networks: In Some Markets, Cost-Effective Energy Storage Is Already Here

Green Charge Networks- In Some Markets Cost-Effective Energy Storage Is Already Here Forbes April 1 2014

Early in March, Green Charge Networks announced receipt of a $10 million financing program from TIP Capital that would allow the company to finance storage products for their customers and eliminate upfront costs.

The announcement generated significant buzz, because storage is quite clearly the next frontier in the electricity game, helping to integrate renewables and improving the efficiency and reliability of the power grid.  The fact that Green Charge was lining up customers with actual projects at that potential scale was somewhat of an eye opener.

The announcement also created excitement, since it is third-party financing that has put the U.S. on-site solar industry on steroids.  Last year, $3.3 billion was raised for solar third-party financing, and the majority of on-site solar is third-party financed. If the $10 million trickle ultimately turns into a steady stream for storage, this could have a huge impact on the future shape and activity of the nation’s power grid. . . .