High School Class Pushes Summer Recycling

A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Carters 11th grade Summer class. Kent High School, Washington.
Summer 2011. We also wish to thank the following students who contributed to this information on recycling.  Isabella K. , Zachery M. , Cristian L. , Liza F., William D., Jackson N., Christy C., Erica C.

Recycling 101

Recycling at a park along Lake Erie

Mrs. Carter writes:

We came across this page https://www.usrea.org/recycling/ while working on our studies about
finding ways we can help the environment be it a fun eco-friendly project or
something we can do with our families at home to “go green.” We found some
resources on your page to be a useful contribution for our on-going project.
Thank you for providing those sources!
As a class we wanted to offer resources that we found that we have voted as a
class that would make a great addition to your page. We all will receive extra
credit towards our project grade if you find these sources suitable enough for
your site. This was our group class project we had to complete, but this is
the last piece of the puzzle we need to finish before we make our
presentations.  Thank you Mrs. Carter and class. Check out their links below and let us know if you agree.