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Make Your US REA Member
Profile Work For YOU!

One of the benefits of being a Member of the United States Renewable Energy Association is that you get to set up a profile for your business at In addition to your company name, a full profile is a powerful social marketing platform for your business. As a member, you have control of your profile and the information that is displayed. Plus, you can make changes to your company profile any time you want, as often as you want.

Member companies should a way to engage with visitors of the site. Consider the following:

  • Offering discounts on products or services
  • Offer incentives that might encourage a guest to use your product/service
  • Offer perks, giveaways or other options as appropriate to your organization.
  • Make sure to include this information if this fits your organization profile.

A complete profile is an excellent opportunity for you to market your company to our membership within North America. Take advantage of this opportunity right now. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to do (other than your time) and the potential for more business is huge.

Tips for Getting Your Images Ready

There are many amazingly easy photo editors online one is called another is called Canva. Click the links to use either of the editors. Pictures uploaded to the website should be no more than 900 pixels wide, the video below will guide you through editing, resizing and saving your profile photos. Once adjustments are made and your pictures are saved as a .jpg you can then upload them to your membership profile.

Follow These Steps for Profile Success

  1. Scroll over the Members tab in the top navigation and select “Member Sign-In” (or Member Account Page to be taken directly there)
  2. When you arrive at the Manage Account screen, you’ll want to select the second radial button “You are a member but do not have a password,” and follow the directions.
    You’ll be sent a password to the email address we have on file. If you don’t receive your password shortly, check your spam box. Once you receive the email with the password in it, you can log in to your profile.
    Note: If you already have a password, you can simply log in using it. And if you forget it, you can simply reset it (as often as you need to).
  3. Update your About information (if necessary). Here you can update your name, address, email address, phone number etc. Note: the field “Name” should be your business name and “Contact person” should be you. If you made any changes, click “Save and Continue.”
  4. Click on the Profile tab. Here you can update your “business card.” You can upload your logo as well as write out a tagline up to 80 characters. Note: Don’t put your name here. Instead, put a tagline in that’s keyword rich in order to help your search engine optimization. Also, for each block on the profile page you’ll see a question mark with the words, “Learn more”. Click on the question mark to see a video explaining how to do each of these steps.
  5. Create your Profile Gallery. You can upload up to eight images about your business, and we recommend you upload a picture of yourself, then add images about your business.
  6. Write your profile description. The key to writing a great profile is thinking like a marketer. Don’t focus on you; focus on what your target market is looking for. Since the search engine for this member directory is content and context driven, you’ll want to use the key words that someone would search to find you. In other words, if you do “Geothermal System Design” or “Solar Energy Installation” or you offer, “Solar Energy Finance,” make sure those words appear in your profile.
  7. Add social media accounts. Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, etc., can be added here.
  8. Important: Make sure you click on “Save, Continue” so your additions and changes are committed.