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Joining the US Renewable Energy Association is an
Investment in the Renewable Energy Community!

Members are professionals who understand that when their business prospers, the US Renewable Energy Industry does as well. Many of our members lend their talents, time and resources to tackle important business and community development issues that impact the future of energy in the United States. Just as important is the support the businesses show to USREA’s endeavors by becoming a member.

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Top 10 Reasons to Join USREA

  • Being a member of USREA gives your business credibility. Most consumers believe that USREA membership is a sign of a reputable, stable business. Most believe that it demonstrates that you use good business practices.
  • USREA members receive real exposure through our website – Our Renewable Business Directory, Special Deals!, a hyperlink and featured business ads.
  • Your business directory information is included in various online resources that are referenced by professionals from the USA and around the world.
  • Among the many benefits, your membership includes the opportunity to connect as an industry professional with our online “Speakers Bureau.”
  • The Weekly “Re-Action” e-newsletter and Calendar of Events provide additional ways to gain publicity for your business’ meetings and events. Only USREA Members receive this publicity.
  • The yearly printed calendar offering ad space for your business adds extra exposure year round.
  • Networking & Business-building events are one of the most important benefits of membership, and help you make new business contacts that help your business grow.
  • Highlight your business by sponsoring signature events that are open to the entire community.
  • Specializing in business referrals; each year on-line searches and calls from individuals checking to see if a business is a USREA member or asking that we refer a business to fill their needs. We refer only USREA members.
  • Membership in the US Renewable Energy Association is an investment in your business future. Experience the rewards of volunteering your time and talent to help make the industry and community a better place. As a USREA member, you will help sustain and improve the quality of life that you, your family and your employees enjoy.







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*Free Student membership is a limited time offer. Unpaid memberships do not qualify for free merchandise unless specifically offered. USREA reserves the right to modify features and benefits without notice.