Old Dutch Windmills, The Good Old Days!

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Have you ever seen an Old Dutch Windmill? It is a testament to craftsmanship and engineering. Huge latticework blades covered in sailcloth, the incredible sound as they rotate a deep thrum you can feel within, functional and beautiful. These are not just buildings with big fans; these were the industrial works of their time. They are huge elegant machines that made life better for the people that relied on them.

Have you ever looked upon coal or a Nuclear Power Plant? Through the industrial and technological revolutions these have provided the power to move us forward. While they have done much for us over time, their time is done. The fuel sources required not only cost money to acquire but also produce toxic by-products. So, like the Dutch Windmills these should be put aside, remembered for their contribution, and we should move on to the next step.

Have you ever stood upon a Michigan shoreline during a calm day? I have lived here in Michigan for thirty-two of my thirty-seven years and a goodly portion of those on the northern shores of Lake Michigan, windless days are a rare occurrence indeed.

So, I only wonder why we are not taking greater advantage of our greatest natural resource (yes, it is true we have more wind than water or mosquitoes). Free power (or nearly enough) blows right passed us every day, all day. Isn’t it time we look to the past to see the future and catch the wind once again?

H.C. Nelson