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Gerry Zack

Gerry has over 30 years experience in the electronics, solar energy, automotive, broadcasting, teaching, and marketing industries. He has excelled in a variety of disciplines and industries including as an FCC First Class broadcast engineer, electronics and mechanics instructor, master automotive mechanic, product designer, marketer and private pilot. He has owned or partnered in a number of companies and participates as a Public Speaker on Emerging Technologies. Gerry has traveled to Asia and Europe while designing new products for several companies. Gerry has received training from various trade and technical schools including GMI, Specs Howard, SVSU, and multiple specialty institutions.

Dr. Mick Webber
Strategic Business Advisor

Dr. Mick Webber has over 30 years of business management experience specifically focusing the last five years in mergers and acquisitions in a variety of industries. With a strong management and business background demonstrating expertise in sales, finance, management, operations, new product development, high volume manufacturing, worldwide corporate account management and Air Force sales management. Dr. Webber was President and partial owner of Steelmax, LLC. Dr. Webber received his Doctorate of Management from Colorado Technical University, a Master of Business Administration (Management) from the University of Santa Clara, and a Bachelor of. Science (Accounting) from California State University San Jose.

Vivian Cywink, B.A., B.Ed, SSW, ICC
Vice President/Managing Director

Vivian joined USREA.org in 2012 as part of the management team. As a higher education award winner and having excelled in the development of highly successful programming in support of the retention and graduation of university/college level Indigenous learners, Vivian decided to strike out and take on new challenges within the private sector. Given her long standing interest in renewable energy and sustainability as a way of life and, in consideration of her views on the industry as a Native American (Ojibwe/Pottowattami Tribe), Vivian brings a unique perspective to the industry as well as a host of management, marketing, and administrative skills.

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