Renewable Energy Independence Day, July 3rd

Renewable Energy Independence DayThe US Renewable Energy Association, LLC, a recognized leading renewable energy association, is pleased to recognize July 3rd as “Renewable Energy Independence Day.” The idea was developed with the thought that, before you can have Independence Day, the country must have Energy Independence through advanced renewable technologies.” The USREA and member companies will work toward advancing the technologies, policies, and become an advocate for the renewable energy industry in all its forms. According to Gerald Zack, USREA President, “The time has come to advance the renewable energy industry in ways that go beyond being trendy, fashionable or group-think. The industry needs a focused push to bring real energy solutions into everyday life. We intend to do just that with the help of industry companies and renewable enthusiasts across North America and from around the world.”


USREA Rendition of the Statue of Liberty

The campaign has launched with a social media petition intending to sign up over 1 million people by Earth Day (4-22-2013) next year. Additional events on Renewable Energy Independence Day  (July 3rd, 2013) will include a rally at the US Capital, a “Ride for Energy” bike rally and various member companies will hold events around the country in support of the effort.  Promotional materials include a provocative poster, Tee shirt and bumper sticker campaign that feature the Statue of Liberty holding a Wind Turbine in place of a torch and Solar Panels in place of a book.

Sign our petition and help promote Renewable Energy Independence Day (TM),  July 3rd.