Renewable Energy Scholarship Competition

In a first of its kind award, The US Renewable Energy Association has announced it will provide all company profits for the 2011 calendar year in the form of one or more college scholarships. While more of a class project, students from across the US will register to enter the competition by October 10, 2010, and entire high schools or colleges may enter to compete. This decision is designed to jump start a slow moving industry in the wake of government indecisiveness and mixed support for renewable energy initiatives.  The number and value of  the scholarships will be dependent on USREA profits in 2011, which will be based on the initiative and results of scholarship competition participants.

The USREA asks the question; what would your business class, web design class, renewable energy class or individual student(s) do to create the next Facebook-like phenomenon in the form of the US Renewable Energy Association? Simply create the next overnight success in the renewable industry and reap the rewards. There are virtually no limits on what can be done as long as the good image and reputation of the USREA are maintained. Only comprehensive proposals will be accepted.

The idea is simple. Contribute to the success of the US Renewable Energy Association, and students, their class or their school may be awarded one or many scholarships with a total value from $1 to millions! Value will be based on total net dollars generated at the US Renewable Energy Association during the 2011 calendar year. If the USREA becomes the next Facebook-like phenomenon via the competition, there’s no telling how high the award could be.

According to Gerald Zack, USREA President and CEO, “We decided to come up with a “Big Bang” idea that would accomplish a number of objectives in a down economy. 1. Get significant student participation in the renewable energy industry. 2. Promote infinite creativity. 3. Provide maximum publicity. 4. Provide quick results. 5. Provide students a significant incentive. 6. Grow the US Renewable Energy Association. 7. Identify the talent we wish to associate with in the future. While this is no small order, there is such creativity and enthusiasm for R.E., I know there will be some game changing ideas from the competition.”