Sader Power – SPI 2013, Chicago, Illinois

8 Solar Power International 2013 Chicago Illinois Sader Power

Mission: Sader Power Enterprises was founded out of the necessity to provide a real-time solution to the global energy and environmental crisis while creating real and meaningful employment opportunities.  Our company provides consumers with the opportunity to obtain the cleanest form of energy, solar power, coming from the most abundant renewable resource, the sun, at a low cost.  By making solar power affordable we pave the way for widespread solar adoption resulting in the creation of lasting and sustainable employment opportunities.

Who We Are: Sader Power’s core team departed Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation to develop a company focused on spreading the importance of sustainable and “green” technology to all. Make It Right’s purpose was to build affordable LEED Platinum homes with an emphasis on unique architectural design for the residents of the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. Sader Power takes those same principles and transfers them to the private sector with a desire to spread nationally. Over the last two years, SPE has created over 130 jobs and installed over 2,400 solar arrays in Louisiana & Michigan. All in all, we’ve installed over 10 MW of generating capacity. . . .


392 Sanford St., Pontiac, MI 48342




234 Harbor Circle, New Orleans, LA 70126