Solar – Primary Energy Source by 2025



… researchers attribute the rise of solar to improvements in efficiency and technology — including, of course, storage technology. . . .

. . . in the U.S., 74% of new electric generating capacity in the first quarter of this year came from solar. That took the U.S. solar PV total to 14.8 GW of installed capacity, enough to power 3 million homes. And that’s only a start. Even Merrill Lynch is expecting demand for solar to “soar” in the next few years.

We know by now that as solar grows, prices come down and jobs are created. That too is being borne out in Australia, where as in the U.S., the solar industry employs more people now than the coal industry.

Some are saying that by 2020 — a mere six years from now — solar power will even be the cheapest energy source in the world. . . .