Ten Years of USREA

Ten years ago, we began with a mission. “Change Your Energy… Change The World”™.  It’s hard to imagine how fast time flies. Since the “official” launch of the United States Renewable Energy Association in 2008, (our first activities began in 2003) we have partnered and expanded our membership in ways that promote the companies and customers who advocate for the renewable energy industry.

Objects in MirrorWhile the future is bright for renewable energy and the members and affiliates of USREA, the cost of renewable technology is falling, and capabilities continue to grow. USREA is at the forefront of the efforts to advance renewable energy across the USA.

We need the help of companies like yours to support our efforts, informing the public and media about the great advancements in Renewable Energy. This includes promoting Renewable Energy Independence Day (July 3rd- please sign our petition), sponsoring events, trade shows, and educating and inspiring youth about efficient cleantech. Our News and Blog provide info on industry activity. Do you have any PR you would like to share with our members?

As one benefit of membership in USREA, we ask our member businesses to commit to providing discounts or value-added services to our association members. When you commit to providing incentives, you place yourself in a preferred position as a USREA member company and thereby increase the members who buy from you. Everybody benefits.

While we promote renewable energy through competitions, scholarship awards and industry product reviews, we partner with other industry associations to peak exposure and interest.

Finally, our trademarked logo speaks to the vision and mission of USREA. Our transitioning circle shows both direction and perpetual motion, a key feature, and the arrow point the way of growth for the green industry.

We look forward to serving you and the best of renewable energy technology. We need You!

             Gerry Zack
             President / Chief Executive Officer

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