The USREA-Mexican Connection

USREA continues to expand its mission of “Change Your Energy… Change The World” with the addition of new partners from Canada and Mexico. The Sueco Mexican Institute in Torreón and ICES  are the most recent additions and comes at the 10-year mark since USREA began formal operations. Originating as two unique institutions in Coahuila, Mexico, Institute ISMER offers technical advancement levels in Renewable energy and provide for the future with training in new ways to generate energy.

Among the Institute’s capabilities:  An innovative 3-year scholar program and preparatory school with an emphasis on sustainable development,

and a focus within the new educational model of créating new world energy leaders, and innovation with Technical Renewable Energy training. These specialties are in addition to preparatory school, business classes,  renewable energy and an English Certificate in Cambridge with international recognition.

The Institute ISMER buildings are self-sufficient with renewable energy solar PV powering daily energy demands.



ICES is a company with more than two decades of experience in Electric Power Generation and expertise in providing comprehensive electrical design and construction services to improve reliability for their customers. Their experience includes:

Electric Energy Generation.

Transmission and Distribution of Energy.

Power Substations.

Electrical Maintenance to Substations.

Diverse Industry (metallurgical, automotive, food, casting, electronics, paper, etc).



Industrial parks

Tourism and Commercial Developments

Residential developments

Hospitals and Schools

Public Lighting

Engineering, Design, and Studies of Electrical Installations in Low, Medium and High Voltage. For more information contact:


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