Tiny Solar Company Makes Big Moves Solar 3D Moves in the Right Direction

Tiny Solar Company payoff with 3D tech on solar panels Wealth Daily Jan 23 2014

The sun is shining brightly on solar energy providers in California, and for companies like Goleta-based Solar 3D Inc (OTC: SLTD), a cocktail of encouraging news is driving up their value.  Shares of this penny stock have been rising sharply this month, climbing from three cents on January 7th to 11.5 cents yesterday for a 283 percent increase in less than three weeks.  It all happened on the back of three key developments affecting the company’s outlook for 2014 and beyond, starting with the imminent closure of an important cash-generating acquisition. . . . research is about to pay off.

Unique 3D Solar Cell Design

The second major development impacting Solar 3D’s recent rise in value comes from the nearly completed development of the company’s breakthrough technology which vastly improves the efficiency of solar cells.  The company’s patent pending 3-dimensional high efficiency solar cell design is capable of doubling the power output of conventional solar cells in use today while simultaneously reducing the cost of manufacture. . . .