Ultracapacitor Technology Powers Electronic Circuits

As engineering innovations continue to advance ultracapacitors, their enhanced performance capabilities are expected to hasten the convergence of batteries and ultracapacitors—strengthening the combination of both specific energy storage and pulse power design in future applications.

As the market strives for lighter, more compact wireless and portable devices with more ingenious features crammed into an ever-tighter space, a related quest ensues for the next power supply innovation — a powerful, compact, long-lasting, economical and safe battery. Although progressing toward this end, current battery technology often compromises the desired space and weight specifications without properly satisfying peak power requirements.

Ultracapacitors, also known as supercapacitors, offer an alternative source that promises to circumvent the battery scramble and extract greater efficiency from existing power sources. Because of high price and manufacturability issues, this electric double layer capacitor (EDLC), also known as a pseudo capacitor, isn’t popular among engineers. However, it offers boundless growth potential because it responds to key market and societal needs: It’s environmentally friendly, helps conserve energy, and enhances the performance and portability of consumer devices. Ultracapacitors also are free from characteristic battery problems, such as limited cycle life, cold intolerance and critical charging rates. Read More