USREA Announces the 2009 Renewable Energy Eco-Award Winners

Lexington, Michigan. 12-4- 2009

As a recognized leader in the renewable energy industry, The United States Renewable Energy Association, LLC is proud to announce the Renewable Energy Eco Awards dedicated to Excellence in the Renewable Energy industry.

The USREA Eco-Award honors individuals and companies with exceptional service to Education, Technology and the Understanding of renewable technologies and the renewable energy industry as a whole.  The USREA Eco-Award is presented by the USREA Board of the US Renewable Energy Association, LLC.

About the Award

The USREA Eco-Award was established in 2009 to recognize the contributions that change perceptions, advance technology, reduce resources and improve efficiency.

The USREA Eco-Award

Selection Criteria

Candidates for The USREA Eco-Award should have demonstrated outstanding leadership and accomplishment in meeting at least two of the following selection criteria:

Distinguished him/herself through public service activities in science, information and technology.

  • Pioneer new technology, education, and public service.
  • Demonstrated leadership and creativity that have inspired others to distinguished careers in renewable technology.
  • Contributed to the welfare of the Nation through activities in renewable technology.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations for The 2009 USREA Eco-Award may be made on the USREA Awards page at http://www.usrea/industryawards.htm , by email, or by postal mail.