USREA Launches RenewablePR Information Network

Lexington, Michigan. 12-10- 2009

As a recognized leader in the renewable energy industry, The United States Renewable Energy Association, LLC is proud to announce the launch of an all-new web information service dedicated to the Renewable Energy industry. “” is a wholly owned subsidiary of the North American Renewable Energy Association, LLC., and sister company to the US Renewable Energy Association, LLC. The web site is dedicated to the fast changing world of technology, research and developments in the Green sector of the economy, and will be a point source for all things renewable. The site will distribute information services “as available” to hundreds of news-gathering organizations from around the world via internet and subscription services.  The site is well organized and searchable for a variety of uses. Some of the topics include green education, product development, industry information, job information, recycling, and related green industry information.

The site was created in conjunction with Motor City Interactive, an award winning interactive development company. According to Gerry Zack, President/CEO of USREA and RenewablePR, “We are excited about our new web information service and the capabilities it brings to our renewable enthusiast members, industry partners and research associates alike. The linkage with the US Renewable Energy Association provides a powerful combination of capabilities through related organizations”.

RenewablePR™ is quickly becoming a leading “Green Information” company, supplying information resources to a growing number of Americans each day.

RenewablePR and USREA are partners in the RenewablePR information network.

For more information, visit the web site or contact:

PO Box 0550
Lexington, MI 48450
Phone 810-359-2250