USREA Provides BP with Potential Gulf Oil Fix

After review of the never ending oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the US Renewable Energy Association has proposed a fix to British Petroleum. The fix is fairly straight forward and involves removing the damaged riser section, and rather than a top hat or similar approach, providing a cap & flange solution that poses minimal risk and great potential to substantially or completely seal the well. See Details below. The fix would allow the cap to be position via robot in a way that won’t be subject to the significant pressures exiting the well head, yet will be able to close down the well head through action of the robot, by simply screwing the cap in place once the lower flange unit is installed. Well discharge can continue to exit while the fixture is positioned, and when closed it will simply seal off the well with a threaded cap, screw or relief pipe.

Blowof Preventer Soluton 1 by USREA (Click here to see diagram)