Water Retention From A Womans Perspective

My husband has this grandiose idea for water collection, complete with the grandiose costs. His idea also comes with a huge waiting period for him to get around to it.

Here at Windmill Creek, I have a ten by ten potting shed with a metal roof next to my potting bench. My dilemma was that I needed to haul water or drag a hose for watering at the bench. It occurred to me in a rainstorm while watching the runoff from the roof, that a tremendous amount of precious water was wasted falling to the ground. Something had to be done!

As an experiment I gathered anything I could, believing that the bottom line is if it holds water it’ll work. I collected 40 gallons in one rainstorm! Convinced something needed to be done to utilize this valuable resource I went to work.

Drilling a ¾ inch hole for a standard hose connection, I Used a 40 gallon trash can with an attached lid, disconnected the down spout and routed the water into the trash can. A simple fix, minimal cost, the problem solved.

Linda Bunker Zack
Windmill Creek