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Thanks again for becoming a member of the US Renewable Energy Association. Your participation helps to advance Renewable Energy in the United States, as we continue to educate and advance that cause.

As a new member, we would like to send you a variety of items as part of your membership. Please send us a note back with your shirt size so we can send a Limited Edition Renewable Energy shirt, and ID sticker, etc. to you.

USREA Member Discount Card

USREA Member Discount Card

We are updating our conference schedule in conjunction with other organization partnerships, so I will provide that to you shortly when available. In the mean time, we would like to post your company data in our online directory, and we ask member companies to consider offering discounts or incentives to our customers and member organizations. We will post your incentives within your company profile. This encourages people to purchase products and services from companies that support the US Renewable Energy Association and make our membership stronger, while providing companies like yours with sales opportunities. Incentives may be discounts on products or services, perks or other options as appropriate to your organization. Please keep your organization information up to date in your company profile.

Best Regards.

Gerry Zack
United States Renewable Energy Association, LLC.

Download the 2016 USREA Membership Guide here.

USREA 2016 Membership Guide